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Welcome to Lewes YogaIyengar Yoga practitioners and teachers who all teach in East Sussex

This site will help you to find a yoga class that is right for you. It will provide you with information about local Lewes yoga teachers, information about yoga classes and a timetable for classes.

You can also learn more about Iyengar Yoga, read articles by Lewes Yoga’s Sallie Sullivan, and contact us.

The benefits of Yoga

Yoga can help to:

If you live in or near the Lewes area, find out more about classes and discover what a difference yoga can make to your life and feeling of wellbeing.

BKS Iyenga

I always tell people, live happily and die majestically, B.K.S. Iyengar
14 Dec 1918 - 20 Aug 2014